Pawtrans Ltd., which specializes in shipment of liquid food products, in order to diversify its business activity, in 1999 set up a fuel branch in Zamość and started to wholesale liquid fuels.







We have been active on fuels market for 8 years already and during this time we have earned trust of numerous companies from the same business line. Our experience and reliability resulted in very good relationships with refineries, that is why our clients have this rare possibility to purchase high quality fuels at very attractive prices. .

At the moment we have about 2000m3 of fuel storage capacity with electronic infuse, temperature compensation system, a rail depot for rail tankers and our own fleet of fuel tank-trucks. Pawtrans is also an authorized regional dealer of Lotos Group.

As our fuel enterprise was gradually developing, it has been decided to set up a network of Pawtrans gas stations. At present our gas stations are located in Zamość, Poniatowa, Wojciechów, Opole Lubelskie, Środa Śląska and Żyrzyn.




In 2004 our fuel branch was ISO 9001 certified by English ISQUAR. As for the nearest future we plan to develop our fuel enterprise by a gradual increase of turnover ratio as well as opening new gas stations.

Pawtrans keeps on investing into the fuel site and gas stations in order to improve the standard of services and make our activity even more environment and customer-friendly.
Our plan of investments for the nearest future is very ambitious. The company has taken steps to set up an agro-refinery producing methyl esters of rapeseed oil and build extractor press of such oil. Having the development of Lublin region in mind, we plan to base our production on local rapeseed suppliers and locate the whole facility in Zamość.







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